Migraines, & Concussion, Interfere with Life for +1 Billion People (1-in-4 Women)

Icekap’s Cool Cap is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device and is the most advanced, cold compression cap on the planet.  

If you or your organization are helping people who are suffering, and need a premium cold or warm compression cap as part of their therapy, you can partner with Icekap. Our solution offers hours of lasting cold (or warm), adjustable compression, durable, washable, and sized to fit. For over a decade, Icekap has offered wholesale pricing to clinicians, and coaches purchasing for their people.

Partner with Icekap

Partner with Icekap Therapeutics
Harness the Power of Ice, Heat, and Compression with Icekap
At Icekap, we merge the time-proven therapies of ice, heat, and compression into a modern, premium solution. For over a decade, Icekap Therapeutics has been a leader in providing continuous therapeutic treatment, focusing on quality, comfort, and effectiveness.
Trusted Across Various Needs
Icekap has been transformative for many, dealing with migraines, concussions, and headaches. Some people use Icekap for cool comfort between chemotherapy sessions.  The unique combination of lasting cold and compression therapy that Icekap offers has been a source of relief and comfort for our diverse clientele.
Special Offers for Organizations and Professionals
Icekap is committed to broadening the reach of our therapeutic benefits. We offer special discounts to organizations and professionals who aim to provide top-tier therapeutic care for their players, patients, employees, or clients.
  • Pro Sports Teams: Enhance recovery and manage injuries effectively.
  • Practitioners: Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and more, all help their patients get effective cold (or warm) compression relief
  • Medical Facilities: Offer additional comfort and efficient therapy.
  • Corporate Wellness Programs: Promote employee well-being and health.
  • Educational Institutions: Support staff, teams and other student health initiatives.
Become a Partner
If your organization is interested in partnering with us or learning more about our volume discount offers, we welcome you to get in touch. Please fill out the form below to start a conversation about how we can collaborate. Our team is ready to respond promptly and explore potential partnerships.

Partner with Icekap

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