If you’ve ever suffered through a migraine, you’ll understand where Andrea’s coming from.


Andrea Jones-Woodland founded Icekap in 2012, but the story of Icekap starts decades earlier. Ever since childhood, Andrea’s been a migraine warrior. A high-performance horse trainer in Vancouver, Canada, Andrea found that her schedule was often derailed by (and contributed to) debilitating migraines. After a particularly severe attack led her to the emergency room, she realized she needed to find a solution.

Over the years, Andrea tried every remedy you can think of, from medication to lifestyle changes, from inversion tables to iron pills. Still, her migraines persisted.

The one thing that helped? A cold, wet scarf wrapped tightly around her head — a home remedy her mom used to prepare. Research led her to understand that migraines are often caused by inflamed blood vessels, which is why cold and compression help to alleviate the pain.

With this in mind, she developed the Icekap Cold Cap, an adjustable relief cap that combines the science of cold and compression. Thanks to years of experience with migraine pain, she didn’t overlook a single detail:

  • The Cold Cap provides targeted cooling to every part of the head
  • Its compression band helps relieve tension in the back of the head
  • A ponytail loop keeps hair out of the way, so the ice packs do their work
  • The ice pack inserts are medical-grade gel packs that last up to three hours

Science backs her invention: a cold wrap around the head reduces pain in 65% of patients, ice packs provide relief to 80% of sufferers, and compressing the temporal arteries can block or reduce pain. 

And tens of thousands of Icekap fans back her, too: using their Cold Caps for migraines, head trauma, short- and long-term illness, and anything else that gives them a headache.

Whatever you’re battling, Icekap is here to help you win the battle faster. So you can get back to living the life you want, instead of the one dictated to you by head pain.

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