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I see you, migraine warrior, battling between errands. Fighting the invisible opponent that takes you down like nothing else.

I invented Icekap because I could no longer pause my life for migraines. Because I was done hiding out in dark rooms. Because I couldn’t be more desperate for a solution that didn’t yet exist.

Nothing brought the relief I needed to keep up with my life. So eventually I solved my own problem.

By Andrea Jones-Woodland, founder of Icekap

Have you reached your “fed up” with migraines? 

And I don’t just mean the “fed up” that happens every time a migraine attack comes out of nowhere.

I mean “fed up” like NOTHING out there helps. Like, at a total loss of what to do.

My “fed up” was while working as a high-performance horse trainer and coach in Vancouver. 

I’d been getting migraines forever, but I’d learned to make due, to push through. Because, literally, my career was everything. I had no time for migraines

So there I was at Thunderbird Show Park, on day 4 of pushing through migraine pain. 

I’d been so excited to watch this client I’d been working with for months compete. But I couldn’t. During her turn on the course I was in so much pain I could barely stand upright.

What happened next truly changed everything.

I had thought slowing down wasn’t an option. But that day I learned: pushing through was no longer an option.

Now, the good news is: what happened next led me to finally solve the biggest, longest-lasting problem I’ve ever had to deal with. 

Which I’ll get to. But first, everything that led up to that life-changing moment is just as important.

Migraines aren’t like that thing on your to-do list you can keep putting off.

See, I was living a go-go-go life. From pretty much 7:30AM to 10PM. My work was my life. But I really didn’t ever stop. And I didn’t really want to.

So I spent a lot of energy trying to figure out the source of my migraines.

I was like… if I can just figure out why, I can go to the source and fix it. 

Was it the 2 concussions I had as a kid? Hormones? Was I opting for quick-grab meals too often?

Being on the road so much, I knew I was dehydrated. Or maybe it was the stress and fatigue from such long days. 

You name it, I’d consider it…

And I’d ask myself, “okay if it’s stress how can I make myself less stressed?” 

I was always trying to control the outcome.

Then *bam* — another migraine attack. 

I was on a rollercoaster of hope and disappointment that I didn’t want to be on. But I felt stuck.

As a chronic migraine sufferer, you try everything.

Decades later, I understand more of the science behind migraines. That they hurt so much because our blood vessels get inflamed. It’s why cold and compression helps

And why when I was younger and my mom would wrap a cold wet scarf around my head and squeeze… which actually made a world of difference for me. 

As I grew older, more people depended on me. I couldn’t just disappear for an afternoon to nurse my migraine.

I remember desperately Googling “How can I stop migraines permanently?” My stomach sank with the answer: you can’t. 

I didn’t want to believe that the only real pain cure had anything to do with pregabalin, gabapentin, topiramate, nortriptyline and amitriptyline.

So I tried SO many natural options…

Peppermint oil, acupuncture, iron pills, electrolytes, chiro, massage, inversion tables, forehead gel strips.

I even considered the daith piercing and botox.

I cut out gluten, dairy, caffeine, MSG, sugar… you name it.

I’d try not to feel resentful watching my husband rush around to meet our friends at the pub down the street…

While I was exhausted and confined to bed by 5PM after pushing through migraine pain all day.

Fixing my migraines became my top priority. But honestly, I was starting to feel like a lost cause.

And they just kept coming out of nowhere: *bam* — yet another migraine attack.

The sad truth: you can’t hack your way out of getting migraines. You can only manage the pain.

Woman showing signs of a painful headache.

Unfortunately, turning toward hardcore migraine meds eventually seemed like the only option. A client who was also a drug rep had kept offering me Zomig after seeing me struggle for so long. 

When I eventually agreed to try it, I truly felt like I was out of options. 

And yeah, it helped with the pain. But then I’d feel semi-stoned at horse shows. And then so fuzzy after — sometimes for an entire week!

It was way too much, so I stopped.

Then came that moment at Thunderbird Show Park. My mom, who was in the stands, was suddenly behind me with her hand on my shoulder. She insisted we go to Emergency.

I remember lying there in the hospital after they’d run a bunch of tests, staring at the ceiling, totally unable to rest. Worried I had a brain tumor. Worried I had some other serious illness my doctor had missed.

Anyway, everything checked out. No tumor, no serious illness. In a way this was a relief, but still, it felt so frustrating. 

Migraines prevented me from living the life I wanted to live.

But, still, I knew I couldn’t go on like I had been. My mom did too. Right there in the hospital, she took my hand in hers and told me, gently: “Andrea, it’s time to slow down.” 

I’ll never forget how she looked at me.

It was like… I could see my own desperation all over her face. 

It’s still hard to think about. But it was exactly the kind of “fed up” I needed to create my own solution.

I supported what worked (cold and compression) and what I needed (to keep up with life) with the latest migraine-relief science. And Icekap was born.

Today, Icekap is the only adjustable relief cap with a compression band and total head coverage, with a patented ponytail loop. 

Cooling on my head and neck always worked wonders for me. As did tension on my temples.

And science backs up what I instinctively knew. 

  • A cold wrap around the head can reduce migraine pain in over 65% of patients 
  • Ice packs on the head can provide relief to 80% of migraine sufferers 
  • Cooling on the neck can significantly reduce migraine pain by numbing the nerves in the carotid arteries, which are close to the skin 
  • Compressing the temporal arteries with a simple device can block or reduce pain from migraines in a significant number of cases 

My kid still rolls her eyes when I pick her up from school in my Icekap. But it’s better than not being able to pick her up from school.

I needed Icekap to help manage the pain from my migraines. But I also needed it to be functional.

So alongside the cooling and compression features like…

  • Medical grade ice packs that last up to 3 hours
  • Neck coverage for supportive soothing
  • Adjustable temple straps that let you fully control the tension of compression
  • Strategic ice pack placement to target areas most affected by migraine pain

…it lets you keep living your life. You can wear your Icekap around the house, in the minivan, to the office or comfortably to bed. You can wear it out walking or during mild stretching to help manage your pain. 

Made-with-love features include…

  • Soft and fuzzy interior lining that makes Icekap as comfortable as it is effective
  • Flexible ice packs that shape to your unique head 
  • A ponytail loop to comfortably get your hair out of the way
  • Machine washable & long-lasting so Icekap can stay strong for you for a long time

I keep my Icekap ready to go in a ziplock in the freezer. And put it on when I feel the first hints of a migraine.

I made Icekap exactly what I needed to ease the pain from my migraines. And keep my life moving.

And it turns out… Icekap works just as well for 1000s of other migraine warriors.

Since inventing Icekap, thousands of people just like you have been getting their lives back.

Jana is done letting migraines ruin her day:

"You’ve got an extremely busy day planned and your chronic illness has other ideas for you. I keep my Icekap in the freezer, inside a large Ziploc bag ready to go at a moment’s notice.”

Ivy is no longer retreating into cold, dark rooms:

“It has helped me to get out of bed and resume some activities like light housework while wearing my Icekap.”

Vivian is feeling the solidarity:

“Life changing. Brilliant design by someone who has clearly suffered and gets it.”

And Lise just feels relieved:

“Some beautiful relief when a migraine strikes.”

Get your own Icekap (with 5 medical-grade ice packs that last up to 3 hours) on SALE right now

I wanted to share my story so you know I’m right beside you — a fellow migraine warrior.

I don’t need to tell you how many $1000s of dollars I’ve spent on products and practitioners, pills and gadgets over the years. 

So I wanted to make sure I used the longest-lasting, quality materials for Icekap. So it can help bring you relief for a long time.

Like it has for Jean:

“This is a godsend! Was a bday gift from several years ago & it hasn’t worn down in the slightest.”

Normally Icekap retails for $129.99. But right now we’re in the midst of a big restocking sale. So you can get your Icekap for just $99.

Remember, every Icekap comes with…

  • Medical grade ice packs
  • Neck coverage
  • Adjustable temple straps
  • Strategic ice pack placement
  • Soft and fuzzy interior lining
  • Flexible ice packs
  • A ponytail hole
  • Durable, washable material
  • PLUS: a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

When your Icekap arrives at your doorstep, you are 24 hours away from relief.

Just slip the ice packs in your Icekap’s pockets. Then into your freezer for 24 hours (so the up-to-3-hour ice packs last as long as possible).

As you well know: when you’re in the midst of a migraine attack, there’s no energy to think. Or plan. Or try things. 

So just open your freezer and put on your Icekap. Adjust the compression straps to exactly what feels best. You’ll feel the cold relief right away.

Then it’s up to you. You can comfortably lay down. Or keep going on with your day.

Now, because I know migraine warriors have tried EVERYTHING, I give every order an easy 60-day money-back guarantee. So we can get your Icekap on ASAP, risk free.

Trust me, you’ve got this. You are not suffering alone.

With you always, 


All orders come with my
60-day money-back guarantee

“I've been wanting to buy this for a couple years, and finally bit the bullet. Worth every penny! I wish I had bought it a long time ago! AMAZING.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Debb

“It's worth the money to have in your migraine-fighting arsenal” 
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Shannon

“To the sufferer that created this and the backers that got it to the market: a heartfelt thank you.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Carla



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